Friday, 14 January 2022

Day 668 - Foggy Friday

Day 668...

Well as the title to this post says today was definitely 'Foggy Friday', it started off foggy and frosty and stayed foggy all day. It did mean that I had to figure out the fog lights on the new car for the first time!

Today was a full day in work and after most of my mornings this week had been taken up with very specific and lengthy tasks today was catch-up day. And with the exception of one piece of paperwork I was able to get everything done that I needed to get done; banking, emails, data input, newsletters, uniform orders, spreadsheets updated and forms filled.

My dad phoned me this morning to let me know that he'd spoken to his doctors about his prescription. So I'd taken it in to the surgery on Monday morning and had been told by the receptionist that it would be 'sorted now'. I'd then rung the pharmacy on Wednesday to check if it was ready for collection and was told they knew nothing about it. Dad spoke to the surgery today and was told that it was 'sent down to the pharmacy yesterday (Thursday)'. So when they said they were sorting it now they actually meant 'it'll take us about 72 hours to get a doctor to sign it off'. Now I have to wait for the pharmacy to actually dispense it...I'm not holding my breath! Something is seriously wrong with our health system if a repeat prescription for an elderly patient, on blood thinners, is taking over a week to sort.

I arrived home to a freshly poured mug of coffee and a quick catch-up with Simon. After dealing with a few of my own emails and a quick work related email it was time for a fresh pot of coffee and some jigsaw time.

And then while Simon did a 45 minute workout on the exercise bike I poured a glass of red wine and carried on with my jigsaw!

With dinner out the way I think it will be time to chill in front of the TV; we started watching the series Dopesick last night which so far is very good so I think we will be binge watching a few more episodes!

See you tomorrow.

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