Sunday, 16 January 2022

Day 670

Day 670...

Sunday once more and we started with the usual collection of our grocery shop, which since the debacle of a few weeks ago has been plain sailing. I'd got some bits and pieces for my dad as his car is still out of action so we dropped those at his house on the way home.

Back home and with everything packed away we had for the most part a very lazy and quiet Sunday. There were a few household chores to complete but after that we had the day to do whatever we wanted. My aim was to see if I could complete my current jigsaw in daylight; I'd not got much left to do and wanted to get it done and out the way. Well, at long last, it's done!

Now this is the second jigsaw from a set of three, so you can guess that the next one I'm going to start is number three...another Christmas scene with a lot of reds and oranges!! In fact by the end of the afternoon this one was packed away and the outer edge of the next one was complete...well all bar one piece which I'm sure I will come across as I begin to complete it.

Simon has spent his day 'capturing' more of our old home video from 1998 as well as making progress with his latest piece of digital art. 

Mid-afternoon I jumped online with my good friend and podcast co-host, Michelle, to record a couple of episodes for our Disney Dream Girls podcast. Our first episode was for our Patreon subscribers and we chatted about Epcot's Festival of the Arts which started on Friday. We then had a guest join us for our second episode. Our guest was a good friend who has been a regular member of our Sunday Disney quizzes and who was lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World just before Christmas. 

And that was my Sunday, see you tomorrow.

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