Saturday, 15 January 2022

Day 669

Day 669...

Another cold and foggy start to the day and an early start for a weekend as Simon had a barbers appointment at 8.30am. But this did mean we had the whole day ahead of us.

I'd realised late last night that I'd lost one of my rings, a thumb ring that Simon had bought me years and years ago. I always used to wear it on my right hand but after a spot of home decorating a couple of years ago my knuckle had swelled and ever since it was uncomfortable to wear my ring so I had swapped to wearing it on my left hand. I went to take the ring off last night and it wasn't there...I'd not noticed at any point during the day it was missing! I know that when I get cold it has slipped off before but I'd always been aware of it happening. Having no idea when it went missing I resigned myself to having lost it for good.

But this morning I thought I'd have a quick look in some obvious places; my handbag - nope, work bag - nope, bag of paperwork I'd brought home - nope, shopping bag I'd used yesterday - nope, pockets of my work coat - nope, checked my gloves - nope and then I checked the left pocket of my work fleece and hey presto my ring!! It's not an expensive ring, it's just a simple silver ring that has a dent in it but I've worn it for so long it was going to be weird not to have it but thankfully that's not now going to be the case.

This morning we decided to drive out to a flooring store in Nottingham to see about getting some new flooring sorted for Molly's old bedroom and what will become our new study/craft room. We knew which flooring we wanted (the same that we had laid last year in other parts of the house) but hadn't been able to find it on the store's website. Well, within fifteen minutes not only had the store confirmed that the same flooring is still stocked but we had arranged for the room to be measured later this week. It may be a while before the floor can be laid but we are in no hurry, it was just nice to get things moving along.

We then popped into Nottingham city centre for a coffee and to try the new Broadmarsh car park. Now, Broadmarsh car park and shopping centre has been a part of Nottingham for as long as I can remember but over the last few years there has been a lot of regeneration taking place and this led to the shopping centre closing and the old car park being demolished. Unfortunately the company in charge of the renovation went bust and now everything has been left to the city council to sort and as a result progress has been slow. But the new car park has now opened and is great although having changed all the roads leading to and from it now means it is more awkward to get in and out of. So while it was great to give it a try today, and will be handy for certain events that we go to around that specific area of the city, I don't think we will be using it that often. Although it does have electric car charging points!!

Finding a local coffee shop we took some time to chat and have a couple of coffees. We are both approaching that point in our lives where we are re-evaluating our goals and planning for a future that enables us to do more of what we want, when we want to do it. I have been following the opening of the Festival of the Arts at Epcot in Walt Disney World and it's events like this that I would love to experience, but at the moment due to our work lives we can't. So it's great to think that these type of things are slowly becoming more within our grasp.

And while in the coffee shop we did shake our heads at the number of people wearing masks to enter the shop, order their coffee, then sit down and remove the aforementioned mask while they chatted and drank their coffee. So, and I know I've said this before, this virus thing is it only a problem when ordering coffee but when you sit down to drink it the virus can't 'get you'? There was a family of three; a mum and two daughters, one of them late teens the other probably around 10 or 11. The youngest spent her time in the shop with her mask on (the others were not wearing theirs) and I watched her move it up and down to drink and eat. Is this what we've done to the youngest in our society? 

If you want to wear a mask then fine do it, but don't contradict yourself, show some common sense. And if you are really that frightened of an airborne virus then why are you out and about? At least we are consistent with our decision to not wear masks.

The rest of the day spent at home was a quiet affair with a little more added onto my grocery shop for collection tomorrow, some laundry sorted and a little more time spent on my jigsaw. And with wine in hand it's now time to spend an evening in with the TV.

See you tomorrow.

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