Monday, 24 January 2022

Day 678

Day 678...

We had a change in proceedings for a Monday as I was needed in work this morning as cover for another member of staff; ordinarily Monday is my non-contracted day.

The morning in work was pretty standard and I had the chance to get caught up with some banking and admin as well as some updating to our learning journal system. As lunchtime rolled around I headed home to spend the remainder of the day with Simon.

Simon was busy updating some of his digital art files as well as capturing more of our home video...I think we are up to mid-1999 now. This will now all need watching back to make sure it's all been captured without any glitches and then Simon can move onto the next tape.

We then decided to take a drive out for a coffee, a change of scenery and a catch-up.

Back home and Simon set about some more video capture while I moved a few more jigsaw pieces around. The day was finished off with Simon jumping on the exercise bike while I finished off some work I'd started this morning. 

A short, Monday post! See you tomorrow.

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