Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Day 666!!!

Day 666...

...that's a rather ominous number to have reached!

I started writing this diary way, way back on Thursday 19th March 2020, the world was going crazy, we were gripped in a blind panic and I think most of us were scared and unnerved by everything unravelling around us.

Thursday 19th March 2020 was day 1 of my lockdown. We had taken the decision to close pre-school the day before because we couldn't wait any longer for the government to make its mind up; we had worried parents, we had parents keeping their children home and my team of staff were stressed and anxious. Enough was enough and we closed. 

And then if to justify our decision it was announced that schools would close after the weekend and the whole country would be in lockdown for 'three weeks to flatten the curve'. As this was a completely unique experience I thought I would write a diary to catalogue what we did, how it affected us, how we coped (or not!) and to see how long it would last for. Never did I think I would still be writing this on day 666!

There have been times over those 666 days that restrictions have lifted but at no point over those 666 days did we ever get back to complete normal and I'm not sure as I write this that we ever will get back to the old normal. Listening to a podcast the other day and the doctor of psychology that was being interviewed actually said that the new normal would be different and that it had to be because the old normal wasn't working. 

I think we have to take things from the past 666 days and recognise some of the changes and realise that yes things maybe different when we get out of all this but perhaps some things will have benefits. Chatting with a work colleague today and we both agreed that a little social distancing in some circumstances can be very welcome! I have never enjoyed those queues where the person behind you thinks that by standing as close to you as possible means the queue will move quicker...personal space is there to be enjoyed and to be invited into in the correct circumstances.

Perhaps going forward people will be more courteous and friendly to each other and appreciate the time that we have together. Perhaps we will take more care over ourselves and when we don't feel great we stop, take time off work to get well rather than soldiering on and spreading our germs. Who knows, only time will tell but that time still feels a long way off just yet.

Back on 19th March 2020 my opinion of what we were facing was completely different to my opinions now. I have over the past 666 days listened, read and questioned the information I have been presented with. I have taken the time to expand my knowledge by searching out information away from the main stream media. I have taken the time to try and understand what is going on and what is best for me and mine. I can accept that back in March 2020 with all the scary stories coming out of China and northern Italy we were frightened and had no idea what we were up against. But I can also accept that by way of having an open mind things can change, after all that is what science is about; investigating and accepting that as theories are tested data may change and new ideas have to be formed.

I seem to remember prior to 666 days ago our government were pursuing a 'herd immunity' approach and that masks did not work but by the time I started my 'lockdown diary' we were in lockdown (obviously) and by the summer of 2020 masks were 'a thing'. And back then I was happy to comply and 'do my bit' but now I have more information and my opinion has changed because I have chosen to search out new and different sources of information, along with a good dollop of common sense!

After all it would appear that the virus only affects you if ordering a coffee but not if you're sat down in the same coffee shop, or when entering a restaurant but not when sat at your table...maybe it's a height thing?!! Or, following a conversation today, it's only a problem at certain times of the day...apparently a friend went to a bar, table was booked for 9.05pm and they were asked for a vaccine pass which they were not aware of, they then get told 'it's only needed after 9pm' - face palm!!!

Here we are at day 666 and we have revelations that our government in May 2020 were having 'bring your own booze' parties when the rest of us could only meet one person outdoors providing we kept socially distant. When I would walk to my dad's house to talk to him through the living room window. When people were kept apart from dying relatives or couldn't attend funerals. Shambles is the only word I can think of at the moment. 

Simon looked back at my blog posts from May 2020 and read out what we were doing; sunny and warm and making the most of the weather with coffee in the garden and walks around the countryside on our doorstep. Simon was working from home (which he did anyway - 8 years and counting), Ethan was working from home and I was busy completing risk assessments ready for when pre-school was allowed to re-open. We were fortunate. We have a nice house, with a garden, next door to open spaces to 'exercise' but a lot did not have that. A lot were cooped up indoors, with young children and no respite and all while those telling 'us' what to do were doing the exact opposite.

And what of today? Well it was a pretty standard sort of day. A morning in work and an afternoon at home. 

On the way home I was going to pop into our local pharmacist to collect my dad's prescription but thankfully I had the foresight to give them a call first. And guess what? The prescription is not ready and in fact they're not even aware of it, so despite the GP receptionist telling me on Monday it was getting authorised there and then nothing has happened! 

Back home and I was able to catch-up with Simon as he was still on his 'lunch break'. We then had an Amazon delivery which was a new i-pad for pre-school so I set about getting it all set-up ready for use tomorrow. Unfortunately i-tunes would only let me proceed with a code that was delivered to 'one of my registered devices' which were all at pre-school and not with me - doh!

As I could do no more with that I decided to jump on the exercise bike and complete my first 45 minute 'zone 2' workout. I've managed 30 minutes before but wanted to increase the duration. With the physical exercise out the way it was time for some mental exercise; jigsaw time!

An while I typed this blog and set about cooking dinner Simon jumped on the bike and did his 45 minute workout.

Now it's time for red wine, dark chocolate and episode three of 'The Book of Boba Fett'.

See you tomorrow.

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