Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Day 659 - Last Day of Holidays

Day 659...

We have a Wednesday and my last day off before returning to work tomorrow. Simon had been due to start work yesterday which had been delayed due to our power outage but on checking his emails late on yesterday discovered that his team were down a couple for various reasons and so everyone had agreed to delay their return until Tuesday next week.

This meant a much more relaxed start to the day and once we had breakfast out the way we decided to indulge in this weeks 'Book of Boba Fett' episode. Another great episode as far as we were concerned and we are really enjoying the start to this series.

Next we popped out to our local Lidl to pick up a few bits and pieces plus I had a voucher for £20 that needed using (a promo from sorting my car insurance out the other week!). 

It was then time for the main task of the day - taking down all our outdoor Christmas decorations. This meant the removal of 3 lots of snowflake stake lights, 2 small trees, 1 set of Christmas tree shaped stake lights, one garland, one Mickey wreath, baubles from the trees, tinsel from my tiki statue, two lots of string lights, one snowman, one penguin and one Santa!! We also had the three indoor trees, one small indoor tree and three indoor garlands to pack away as well!

We moved a few things around in the shed and got out all the various storage boxes ready for packing away. First off we packed all the indoor decorations away as they were all disassembled and just needed putting in the correct storage boxes. Next we packed away my new Mickey wreath, two small trees and garland and the three sets of snowflake stake lights; these were all straight forward as they were all battery operated.

Next we tackled all of the 'plugged-in' lights. The blow moulds were easy to unplug and pack away along with the Christmas tree stake lights...

My view last night...

...and my view this afternoon!!
But then it was time for the string lights. I decided that if I could make sure they would stay on a static light effect that I wanted to keep them out and re-arrange them. A little playing around and we found that both sets would stay on static in between powering on and off. Next I wanted to take both sets down, untangle them and then re-position them. I decided that lights in the garden look so pretty and that 'flashing' lights mean Christmas while 'static' ones are simply pretty for anytime of the year.

We have been able to take one set the whole length of the garden and thanks to Simon we were able to fix them to the fences by way of a few screws. Now I can have lights in my garden all year round.

Glad to be back inside from the cold it was time for coffee and jigsaw and while I pushed pieces around the puzzle board Simon pushed pedals around on the exercise bike!

Well that was today and tomorrow I will be back at work, although it will be just a half day and a day working from home as I have the fun of the termly accounts to complete!!

Right I best refill that glass of wine and settle down for the last couple of episodes of the latest season of Queer Eye (and try not to cry!).

See you tomorrow.

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