Monday, 17 January 2022

Day 671

Day 671...

And another work-free Monday for Simon and I.

We enjoyed a relaxed start to the day but while perusing social medias over a coffee I saw the sad news that my first 'supervisor' from my banking days (37 years ago) had died suddenly. She was only a few years older than sad.

But then we had a couple of jobs this morning to get done. First was to chase my dad's prescription and see whether we were able to collect his medications today. I phoned through to the pharmacy and at first they couldn't find my dad's name on their system, never mind whether the prescription was ready or not. After explaining that the prescription had been taken to the surgery Monday last week and that the surgery had sent it to the pharmacy on Thursday they were eventually able to tell me that yes they had everything and it would be ready in half an hour. So my question is...had I not have phoned when would they have had it ready? Although having to wait a week is still not good enough.

We then did a little Lidl shop for those items that I refuse to pay Asda prices for! I don't mind an odd penny here or there but when the price difference can be as much as 40 pence I draw the line! Once home and with the small amount of shopping put away we had a little outdoor job to do. We moved some of our garden lights from one side of our fence facing onto our patio to the other side; this will hopefully throw a little more light onto the path that leads to our front door and that involves a number of steps which in the dark can be quite tricky to navigate. Hoping we may have resolved the problem.

Our afternoon was very relaxed as Simon wanted to make a little more headway on his latest piece of digital artwork. He is really enjoying working digitally at the moment and is building up quite a portfolio of pieces. I on the other hand just sorted through pieces, pieces of my latest jigsaw that is!! We also managed to watch some more of the home video that Simon had captured over the weekend. Once Simon has made a digital copy we then watch it back to ensure that everything has 'copied' over correctly and that the quality is as good as we can get for late 1990's home video! Today we were watching summer of 1998!

Later on we popped into Derby as I had a beauty appointment and it would have been rude not to have stopped for a coffee as well. The grey day had turned into a cold but rather bright afternoon so much so that the sun was rather annoying! And then driving home we had the most spectacular moon set in a perfectly clear sky. I really must get my phone out more and capture those moments.

With keto chicken fajita casserole cooking it's time to sign off for tonight, so I'll see you tomorrow.

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