Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Day 665

Day 665...

And it was back to work Tuesday for both me and Simon. My second day back in work physically and Simon's first day back after the Christmas break.

Tuesdays are just a morning in work for me and it was chance for myself and my deputy manager to touch base and catch-up. We had dates to organise for the calendar, cash flow projections to debate over and lots more; suffice to say it took us the whole morning just to get caught up. Before I left I was able to get a couple of emails sent and some additions to our first newsletter of the new year.

Back home and I joined Simon for the last half of his lunch break. My afternoon was then a mix of sorting some personal emails out, a little online shopping on behalf of pre-school, issuing a newsletter for pre-school and then spending some time on my jigsaw. I was actually able to move the jigsaw in front of a window today (the said window had been blocked for all of December by the Christmas tree!) and was able to see everything so much better!!

The day was finished with a weights workout in our gym before settling down for the evening. Keto chicken fajita casserole for dinner followed by TV, red wine and very dark chocolate.

See you tomorrow.

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