Saturday, 8 January 2022

Day 662

Day 662...

It has been a relatively quiet Saturday today, one that started off very slow after another disturbed nights sleep. Which meant that it was almost midday before we set about doing anything.

Simon has taken our home movies shot using video-8 format and converted them to digital files. Once the video has been captured and edited we have been then watching them back to make sure that we have is of a good and watchable quality. 

Simon had some captured video from July 1998 that he needed my help with, trying to figure out where the original video had taken place. We knew it was from a holiday down to Cornwall so I managed to find the photos from the same holiday hoping that I'd written on the back of the photos when and where they'd been taken so that we could then match them to the video. But unfortunately my past self wasn't much help as all the backs of the photos were blank!

But between us, and with our knowledge and memories of Cornwall, we were able to figure out where all the video had been shot. Although we did have to look for clues in some of the video and then coupled with a little 'google' we were able to pin all the locations down.

As this was the last section of video that Simon had captured we then had to find the remaining home movies. During the summer we'd moved a lot of things around when we had the new flooring laid in the living room and thankfully we remembered that we'd put all the video in the loft space in our garage. So today we brought them all back into the house to organise ready for the next round of video capture.

I reckon we have at least 30 tapes to capture, which at a minimum of an hour a tape is a lot of video! Plus we have about a dozen VHS tapes that have home movies on them but we are not sure whether these are copies of existing video-8 tapes or the only copy of some of the home movies. So once we have captured all the video-8 tapes we will then need to go through the VHS tapes to check and make sure we haven't missed anything. We also found another couple of photo albums to add to our collection that I am working my way through to scan and save!

The day had started off very grey and quite wet but by early afternoon it had cleared up and for a short while the sun tried to make an appearance so we decided to make the most of the break in the weather and pop out for a walk. We took a walk through the village and managed just over 2 miles in 43 minutes.

We got home just in time to brew a pot of coffee before I jumped online with my good friend, and podcast co-host, Michelle to record an episode of our Disney Dream Girls podcast. Today we recorded with Seth Kubersky, the author of 'The Unofficial Guides' series which covers Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and more. Seth is great fun to chat with and has an extensive knowledge of the parks.

I then managed to grab a little time to put some jigsaw pieces into place and I actually managed to get quite a few pieces in! Then it was time to make keto pizza before stopping for the day. We have the final epsiode of RuPaul's Canada's Drag Race to watch so I best pour the wine and grab some chocolate.

See you tomorrow.

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