Thursday, 13 January 2022

Day 667

Day 667...

Today was another day split between work this morning and being at home this afternoon.

Although my first job of the day was to unplug my electric car. Since getting the car I've left all the technical stuff to Simon and so plugging it in last night and unplugging it this morning was a first for me...and it was super easy, barely an inconvenience (I just had to use that phrase, anyone who watches Ryan George on You Tube will understand!!)

My work morning was pretty standard although a large chunk of it was taken up with a meeting with my deputy manager. We tend to use a Thursday morning as our official chance to catch-up with all things managerial.

At home this afternoon and I timed it right to be able to spend some time with Simon as he was on his lunch break. I then made some keto bread; we had some pate in the fridge that needed using up so it was a good excuse to rustle up a quick loaf. Bread made with eggs, cream cheese, ground almonds and oil and very yummy.

I then had a few emails and some of my own banking to sort, along with getting on top of the laundry. Not very exciting but just things that needed to get done. I then managed to find a little time, while daylight was on my side, to get a bit more of my jigsaw completed.

Simon and I then headed down the 'gym' for a weights workout session before chilling out for the evening in front of the TV.

See you tomorrow.

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