Friday, 28 January 2022

Day 682

Day 682...

And we have reached Friday, the last day of the working week and time for the weekend to start.

But it was a full day in work for me, as is the norm for a Friday. This morning, due to a change in staffing, I was actually working directly with the children for a change. The afternoon though saw me back to my usual role and playing a little catch-up with admin, banking and emails.

Arriving home I was greeted with a freshly poured mug of coffee and chance to chat with Simon and exchange our days so far. I'd promised myself a spot of time doing my jigsaw while the daylight allowed and although I didn't get too much done I did manage a bit more than yesterday's efforts.

There was a little pre-school work to finish off the day as there were a few learning journal entries to update following a baking activity we'd run with the children this morning, along with another couple of emails.

Simon managed another 45 minutes on the exercise bike for some more zone two training...I on the other hand have struggled to find the time this week. I must admit Simon is a lot more motivated than I am when it comes to exercise and I do find that the later in the day it gets the less willpower I have to get active. Note to self...I must do better!

And then the day ended with a bonus thanks to Instagram...scrolling through, as you do, I came across a post from my favourite band, White Lies, who were promoting their latest single. The post spoke about a new video available on YouTube and to check out their 'story' for a 'special announcement', which I dutifully did. And am I glad I did! The band are playing three stripped back gigs to promote the launch of their new album in February. The gigs are happening in various 'Rough Trade' record stores and one just happens to be in Nottingham....suffice to say tickets have been bought. A small intimate gig, followed by a signing session and we get a copy of the new album on CD...although I already have that on pre-order so we will probably end up with three copies!! But at least one of them will be signed by the band which means I will get to be up close and personal with them...again!

February 2019
We were very fortunate to see the band in a small venue back in November and this next gig looks like being an even smaller venue. Plus in early March we get to see them again as they kick off their tour at Rock City in Nottingham! I am so looking forward to these gigs and doing 'normal' stuff once more!

With that excitement out the way I shall see you tomorrow.

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