Thursday, 20 January 2022

Day 674

Day 674...

Thursday once more and another day of a mix of work and home.

Work was focused around myself and my deputy getting our heads together to catch up on the meeting I attended yesterday as well as looking forward to an inset day next week.

At home this afternoon I will confess to a little more pre-school work as I wanted to get all the invoices that I'd created yesterday emailed out. I'd also got a couple of spreadsheets that I wanted to update along with an email to respond to. I have the day off tomorrow and so wanted to make sure I was on top of everything.

Because we are updating the flooring in Molly's old room we had someone out today to measure up the space and to give us a quote. We are having the same wood floor as we have in the rest of the house and this will be the catalyst for us to move forward with the room and turn it into a study/craft room.

I was then able to spend a few minutes moving pieces around on my jigsaw; I'd hoped the natural light would help me along but all it did was highlight a couple of errors from last night! 

When Simon finished work we headed out in the cold to the 'gym'. I must admit nipping out to our gym in the garage is so much more preferable to jumping in the car, driving to the gym, struggling to find a car parking space, walking in the cold to get to the gym from the car park and then having to wait for the right equipment to become free. So we did our weights workout and I tried a couple of new exercises under Simon's guidance. I'm quite pleased with my efforts at the moment as I'm now able to use my heaviest weights for more sets than I have done previously.

Right time to cook some steak for dinner and I'll see you tomorrow.

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