Friday, 7 January 2022

Day 661

Day 661...

We have reached the end of the working week...well I've now worked one and a half days, Ethan has managed three days and Simon will start back next week!

But today my work day was actually spent in work and was pretty productive. I had stuff to print and file, spreadsheets to update and re-organise, emails to respond to and create, new starter information to collate and prep, signs to create, print and laminate, newsletters to start and schedule and banking to do. So, yeah, a pretty productive day.

On the way home I stopped by my dad's as he'd asked me to pick up a prescription to drop by our local pharmacy as his car is once again not working. His car had stopped working just before Christmas and the garage had been able to repair it and get it back to him just a few days ago. Initially it seemed to work fine but it didn't last long and yesterday it had 'died' again. He has someone coming out to look at it tomorrow in the hope that they can get it to the garage as there is no way that it is safe enough for him to be driving it. Such a shame as it's a lovely car (Jaguar!) and this isn't what you'd expect from such a high quality brand.

Finally home and it started to snow! But it didn't last long and instead just left a covering of slush! But I had other things to occupy myself with as we'd had a butchers delivery today and I needed to split the order into meal size portions; just sausage, bacon, steak, beef mince and elk burgers!

It was then that I nearly did myself a mischief! Heading out to the freezer in our garage I walked up a few steps and onto some paving slabs and could feel myself almost fall over! The combination of the material of the paving slabs and the frozen slush/snow was not a good mix, in fact walking on the slabs was almost impossible. Thankfully the other surfaces between the house and the garage were slip free!

And that was Friday and now it's time to start the weekend...I think we maybe having a binge watch of RuPaul's Canada Drag Race!

See you tomorrow.

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