Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Day 680

Day 680...

Middle of the week and another Wednesday, and unusually for me it was a full day in work with a later than normal finish.

My work morning was a pretty standard Wednesday morning with admin bits and bobs to complete and the usual banking. But this afternoon we were closed to the children and instead it was chance for the staff to get together and review where we are currently as a pre-school and how we want to move forward.

We looked at the curriculum and how we implement it, how we could do it better, how we present our play space, how staff are deployed and how best to store and access our resources. We spoke about the rules and regulations that we have to follow and how they impact upon us and how we as a team can ensure we are up to date and working to the highest standards at all times.

It was 4.30pm before I was home and I wanted to make a quick phone call but I soon discovered that the company I needed to call only operated between 8.15am and 4.30pm and I was too late! But luckily I decided to go online and found that they had an online chat option that was still being manned and so I ended up resolving my problem that way - phew!

It was then time to relocate my laptop to a quiet part of the house so that I could hook up with my good friend and podcast co-host, Michelle, to record an episode of the Disney Dream Girls. This week we spoke about some Disney news, a little history and then looked at some of the dining options at the Magic Kingdom. As always it was a fun fifty minutes chatting that resulted in a show to be released this weekend as well as a shorter piece especially for our Patreon supporters.

With all that done there's only one thing left to do today and that's to watch this week's Book of Boba Fett!

See you tomorrow.

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