Friday, 12 March 2021

It's Friday!

Day 359...

We have reached the end of the working week, yet again.

Today was actually a full day in work and was taken up with the usual admin and banking tasks. We are also organising a raffle to be drawn in a couple of weeks when we have our Easter Fun week. The raffle will be 'virtual' but we have some fab prizes and hope that we can raise a good amount of cash for pre-school.

Pre-school is a registered charity and consequently we can only survive if we fundraise throughout the year and this past year has been quite a challenge not only to contend with the pandemic but also to raise money. We have been unable to host our normal events so we have had to come up with other ideas and adapt things virtually. We held a virtual raffle at Christmas and were pleasantly surprised with how effective it was and so we are trying the same again with our Easter raffle. All the staff and our committee have donated money so that we could afford some great prizes and hope that the prizes will tempt people to buy lots of tickets, and raise lots of money for us!

After a quick stop at a local supermarket to pick up the essentials of mushrooms, cheese and dark chocolate I arrived home to get ready for a podcast recording session. We hadn't been able to record last week as both Michelle and I had been so busy, so it was important that we found the time this week to get a show recorded.

It was lovely to actually chat with Michelle, rather than just exchange texts as we do most days. And it was fun to put together a podcast and chat all things Disney. Michelle and I met through our love of Disney and have become best friends as a result.

Podcast recording late afternoon did result in a later dinner tonight, and consequently I was a little late writing today's blog, and consequently writing it under the influence of at least one glass of red wine! So perhaps I ought to stop now, put my feet up and eat some chocolate!

Take care.

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