Thursday, 25 March 2021

Day 372

Day 372...

The penultimate day of the working week...we have a Thursday!

My morning was spent in work and was pretty standard with the usual bits and bobs of admin and accounts to contend with. I am just beginning to get  ready for when we return after the Easter break and have numerous bits of paperwork to sort; we have one more week of pre-school to go before we have two weeks off.

I nipped to a local supermarket on my way home for a few bits and pieces before stopping off at my dads. I had a couple of bits to drop in for him and just wanted to make sure he was doing okay. I had a little tidy around for him before I headed home for the afternoon.

Once home and shopping all sorted and put away it was time for a coffee and a little sunshine. The afternoon has been beautiful and fairly warm so though I would take advantage and have a little half hour topping up my vitamin D. This then led to weeding as I could see all the little shoots that were popping up since I'd weeded on Sunday. Unfortunately due to the large sycamore trees close by we are plagued at this time of year with the 'windmill' seeds fermenting and shooting up!

The remainder of the afternoon and into evening was spent chatting with my brother online, dealing with a few more pre-school emails and reading an interview with Simon in a retro game magazine called Freeze64...

Cover Art by Simon

Eight page interview with Simon
...Simon had also drawn the cover art for the magazine. The art is actually available as a signed print on his website. His game, Rick Dangerous, which he made back in 1988/89 is a much loved and remembered game and he often gets fans messaging him or publications asking for interviews. It's a fab interview...although I may be a touch biased!

And there we have another Thursday. A day when the government have overwhelmingly voted to extend their emergency powers until October. The emergency powers that were brought in this time last year as we entered the pandemic...powers that will now extend beyond the 21st June, the date that is being dangled as the 'back to normal' date. So, if we're supposed to be 'back to normal' by the end of June why does the government need these 'emergency powers' until October?? Do they not want to give up the control that they have had for the last year? Where is the opposition to this? Why does this not feel right?

I am not a politician but this infringement on our liberties and freedom is wearing very thin and somebody, somewhere needs to do something about it.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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