Tuesday, 9 March 2021

A Day of Two Halves

Day 356...

So the first part of today was a work day; my first day in work this week.

It was a pretty busy morning with a fair few bits to catch up on plus the usual emails, banking and general admin to get on top of. But I would much rather be busy and feel that my time has been well spent than be clock watching or twiddling my thumbs.

After finishing work I came home via a local supermarket to buy some bits and bobs that I hadn't been able to get on my weekly grocery shop yesterday followed by a quick stop at my dads to drop off his prescriptions for him.

And then it was home for the afternoon. 

This morning we had had a plumber out to look at our shower as it has been leaking for a while and we had noticed some woodwork that had become damp. Upon investigation it would appear that the shower tray was not as well sealed as it could have been and a very small leak had been happening over time. But hopefully this is now resolved and we just need to let the wood dry out, replace where we can and then fill the hole that is now in the wall! But this did mean that my first job of the afternoon was to clean up after the plumber!

Then I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take a coffee outside. It wasn't perhaps as warm as it could have been but it seemed a shame to waste the sunshine especially when the forecast for the rest of the week is rather damp! But it did mean that while I sat I was able to WhatsApp with Molly and see how she was doing. She is hoping that as the next lot of restrictions get lifted that she will be able to come home for Easter - all fingers crossed.

I was also able to chat with one of my elderly neighbours who has just had her second dose of the vaccination and we tried our best to 'put the world to rights'!! 

It was then time to cook dinner (low carb moussaka) before stopping for the day. A glass (or two) of red wine, some dark chocolate and feet-up time.

Take care.

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