Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Whirlwind Tuesday

Day 370...

So it was Tuesday and it was a pretty full on sort of day and as I write this at the end of the day I feel totally drained.

The morning was spent in work and I had lots of banking to deal with, wages to pay, invoices to record as well as emails to respond to and funding issues to deal with. 

This afternoon I headed home to wait for a phone call from my Dad as he was getting discharged from hospital today. As it was I was just starting to enjoy a coffee and he phoned so we quickly got sorted and set off to bring him home. Thankfully the hospital is only twenty minutes away so we had him home safely in about forty minutes. Due to all the current COVID  restrictions we were unable to enter the hospital and instead my dad had been brought down to the main entrance and then left there to wait for us...how uncaring is that?!

After we had got him home I dropped Simon back at home so that I could spend the afternoon with my dad and make sure he had everything he needed and that he was happy he could cope on his own. I will be checking in with him tomorrow and trying to get him up to speed with texting so that we can attempt to keep in touch a little easier.

By the time I got home Simon was just finishing work for the day and as we had not really seen each other much we decided to take advantage of the lighter evening and have a quick walk out. A breath of fresh air was what we both needed and resulted in 3.5 miles in 47 minutes.

Having my dad in hospital for the last few days has really brought home the other side of lockdown and all the restrictions that we find ourselves living with. Not being allowed to visit him, not being allowed to enter the building to collect him, to leave him standing alone outside waiting for us...I'm sorry but that is awful. Thank goodness my dad had the presence of mind to take his phone with him so we could keep in touch because information from the hospital was simply not forthcoming. For my dad he had a short stay and is home and well, but that can't be said for a lot of other people and to endure a hospital stay (or worse) without loved ones around you is, quite frankly, callous.

Take care out there.

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