Sunday, 28 March 2021

Where Did that Hour Go?

Day 375...

The last Sunday in March and we have now sprung forward into British Summertime which has meant all day looking at the clock and asking myself where has the time gone!

After a rubbish nights sleep for me we had a slow morning that ended with a windy walk managing 3.3 miles in an hour and four minutes. Although the daftest thing we saw today was a young couple who were walking towards us stop and put masks I'm all for following the rules (whether I agree with them or not) but this was just plain daft. We were outside, it was windy, there was enough room for us to pass each other safely, they looked young, fit and healthy, we would have been 'close' for at most twenty seconds...really what was the point? Perhaps Simon and I look infected? Totally daft and completely unnecessary!

We found a local farm shop that had a small van outside selling coffee and decided to grab one; thankfully before we placed our order Simon realised we'd left home without any money - oops! Back home for coffee it was.

The afternoon has been fairly quiet. I had the joy of updating my online grocery shop ready for collecting tomorrow morning. I had a couple of work emails to fire off as unfortunately we have a slight issue with another group that use the same building as pre-school. They are looking to return to regular use of the building as we see restrictions gradually get lifted but their expectations from pre-school were causing us an issue! I also had the very exciting pile of ironing to master as well.

Simon has been working on those finishing touches to his R2D2 build. There are a few more 'decorative' parts to add on before he can start on the weathering process. So a matter of fixing, gluing and spray painting has been his focus this afternoon.

And there we have a Sunday!

Take care.

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