Thursday, 4 March 2021

Today was Thursday

Day 351...

So today was my last Thursday off for a while; we have changed the staffing rota at work which will mean my 'day off' will now be split over two afternoons instead.

The day has been relatively busy though as I caught up with some 'around the house' jobs, did some podcast researching and then had my butchers delivery arrive. 

It must have taken over an hour and a half to simply unpack everything, split it all into meal size portions, re-organise my freezer to pack everything away and then get rid of all the rubbish. But then again when my order consisted of 5kg of chicken, 3kg of minced beef, steaks, burgers, 100 sausages and 4.5kg of bacon it's probably not surprising it took me a little time to sort it all. But I do love being able to get an order like this and know that I am set-up for a few weeks as well as supporting a small business.

As the day moved on Michelle and I decided to delay this weeks podcast recording; both of us are having busy work weeks this week and we are simply running out of free time to not only get the podcast recorded but then edited before we publish it. Better to wait until we are both in the right mindset to produce the type of show that we are proud to put out there.

Simon managed to get 'down the gym' this evening while I did my little workout in the comfort of the living room. I'll always put on some music or something while I'm working out and tonight I decided to hop onto Disney+ and pop on Hamilton; such a fantastic production and I can't wait to be in a position to go and see this in person...some day...whenever that may be!

And we plod on in a world where we seem to have seriously lost the plot. Procedures that were a given over a year ago have been abandoned for lockdowns and mask wearing. Some areas in the world are opening up, some areas are proceeding with caution and places like the UK are having to deal with some of the toughest lockdown measures - why? It's a virus, viruses will do what viruses do, we need to learn to live with it and let it become endemic like we have done throughout our history. I am not denying the existence of the virus I am simply questioning whether the approach to dealing with it has been right. Time will tell and I am sure that over the coming years there will be numerous enquiries, but whether we will ever know definitively what we should have done and whether we will ever get back to 'normal' we will just have to wait and see.

Take care out there.

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