Wednesday, 3 March 2021

At Work Wednesday

Day 350...

Well it was Wednesday once more and it was a usual Wednesday in work, and it was quite a busy day.

I have quite a few things happening at the moment to do with forward planning, new starters, fees due, staffing and cash flow forecasting. Then there was the usual daily admin tasks, emails and banking on top of that.

This afternoon I was tasked with generating some text for our Mothers Day gifts that the children are making. I was quite proud of myself as Google Docs wouldn't let me do the text that I wanted so I embarked on a little internet search and found exactly what I was looking for. I was able to create the text I needed, in the colour, style and shape I wanted and then simply download it before printing it out.

I was also able to get on top of printing a few bits and pieces out that will also be used for our Mothers Day gifts as well as a couple of displays that are in progress.

On my way home I ran an errand for my dad and then arrived home just as Simon was making a pot of coffee...perfect timing!

The remainder of my afternoon, up until early evening, was spent doing yet more pre-school work. The knock-on effect of prep work for a child starting next week, enquiries from other parents about changing and increasing the days their children attend along with assessing cost implications long term following 'the budget' announced by the UK government today.

And that's where we are today...all feels a little bit of a whirlwind but I think everything has settled and a clear path forward is at hand...hopefully!

Take care out there.

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