Friday, 5 March 2021

Full-On Friday

Day 352...

So today was a full day in work and one with an earlier start than of late. The knock-on effect of schools being closed had impacted our morning starts which had resulted in later starts since January but as from next week we are back to 'normal'. So an earlier start today has got us back into the swing of things!

So once in work we had lots to do; a review of this weeks activities, changes to our room layout, changes to how our sessions run and looking at the activities for next week.

For me this meant writing two newsletters, updating banking, chasing fees, prepping for new starters, helping with tweaks to the room as well as the usual day to day stuff.

And even by the time I got home I still had work that I needed to complete. So the latter part of the afternoon saw me juggling pre-school work, making some keto bread ready for this evening's meal, chatting with Molly over WhatsApp as I helped her with some admin tasks for her business (Shutter Studios), making coffee (very important), responding to emails and just generally getting ready to stop when Simon finished his working day so we could watch this weeks WandaVision.

It has become a little ritual over these past few weeks to finish work for the week and watch WandaVision and tonight it was the finale and it did not disappoint. Personally I think they did a brilliant job at rounding out the story and giving answers to most questions. I will admit to shedding a tear or two towards the end and then Marvel did the classic 'end credits sequence'...twice!! Not sure what we are going to do now on a Friday evening!!

And that was the day today, a day where it felt like I didn't stop until about...right now!

Take care.

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