Friday, 19 March 2021

One Year and One Day

Day 366...

So March 19th last year was my first day in 'lockdown', my first day working from home and my first day assessing what the impact was going to be on me, my family and my work.

And March 19th 2020 was when I decided to use this blog, that I had set-up in 2012 primarily to talk about my love of all things Disney, to instead record the world according to me during a pandemic.

I know I have said this before over the last few posts but I honestly did not think a year later we would still be 'dealing' with this pandemic and I would still be writing daily posts. But here we are and there is very little I can do about any of it apart from get very frustrated and angry at the position we find ourselves in...and to keep on writing.

Reading my posts from a year ago it is humbling to remember how worried we all were about something that none of us had ever experienced before in our lifetimes. The sense of panic that prevailed fueled by the doom and gloom of the media is palpable when reading those early posts and that stayed with me for quite a while.

When faced with the situation we were we had to assume that those in power had more information than we could possibly have, they had access to scientists who knew what they were talking about and were taking in data from all over in order to make sure that we did the right thing at the right time. But now with a year gone by and apparently little or no progress made through draconian measures I'm not so sure those assumptions were correct. Just because someone has the power does not mean they know the right answer to everything. Do not put them on a pedestal, instead expect them to question, to seek out opinions, to weigh up the options and to make mistakes but to admit to them when they do. They are human (supposedly!) so they will not get it right first time, or even every time, but surely it is better to admit a shortfall and to move on better informed...or it would appear apparently not!

But back to today, it was a Friday and a Friday like most others. A full day in work which was taken up with the usual sort of admin tasks, issuing invoices, amending contracts, updating the banking and sorting raffle tickets for our upcoming Easter raffle to be conducted 'virtually'.

Once home it was time to stop, enjoy a coffee and chill for a short while before jumping back online to do a little more pre-school work. I was also chatting with Molly via direct message on Twitter because for a short while WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger had all 'gone down'!! Crikey a bit of technology doesn't quite work as it's supposed to and our whole world stops!

But now it is time for wine, chocolate and another new Marvel TV series to get engrossed in!

Take care, see you tomorrow.

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