Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Sunny Tuesday

Day 377...

Today was another gorgeous day weather wise, it started off bright but chilly and by lunchtime it was warm and sunny...such a shame the forecast says we are due sleet and snow this time next week!

But it was into work this morning and I had the usual admin tasks to complete along with some banking and getting organised for the drawing of our Easter raffle tomorrow. This week at preschool is a little more laid back than normal as we wind down ready for our two week break. We are fundraising with our raffle and other smaller things; we have an Easter bonnet competition tomorrow; and all week we are playing games and dancing and making Easter themed crafts.

My afternoon was spent at home and as I arrived at home so did my butchers delivery which meant my first job was to unpack it all and split it into meal portion sizes ready for freezing.

I had a little catch up with one of my elderly neighbours who lost her husband to dementia over Christmas. She is doing really well and was telling me that she and my other neighbour had visited a local park together today to sit and have their lunch...which sounded lovely but how sad is it that that is the most exciting thing we can do at the moment.

I decided to take advantage of the sunshine to top up my vitamin D levels and sat outside with a coffee for a little while before doing some housework. 

Getting up close with nature!
As Molly is returning home at the weekend I thought I'd better give her room a bit of a tidy and dust around as it hasn't been touched for three months. I was also able to get on top of the laundry and actually dry the clothes outside for a change!

This was followed by another coffee  outside while catching up on emails, chatting with friends online and other bits of social media. Although, some of my neighbours were being very productive with their time and were busy gardening which kind of spoiled my chill time in two ways. Firstly it wasn't quite the tranquil atmosphere I was looking for and then second because they were so busy it made me feel guilty for sitting and doing nothing!

I had a strange moment today when chatting with someone; we were outside and they were wearing a mask...and sunglasses. This meant that I couldn't see their eyes it was like talking to a blank wall, I couldn't see (literally) if they were acknowledging me, or listening, or scowling or anything. It actually felt very rude...masks and sunglasses are not a good combination.

We finished the day off with a little trip 'down the gym'. Although, having had an argument with the vacuum cleaner earlier, I discovered that I now have one very sore elbow which really didn't like some of the exercises I was attempting to do! 

So I think it's time to stop writing, make a cuppa and turn on the Netflix!

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