Friday, 31 December 2021

Day 654 - New Years Eve 2021

Day 654...

And we have reached the last day of 2021, another year that will be remembered for all the things we couldn't do rather than what we did manage to do. Another year dominated by the 'pandemic' and its restrictions.

But for today we had a steady start to the day with breakfast at our hotel before taking a walk out to explore Bournemouth. As this was Ethan's first visit we wanted to show him around a little and headed to the sea front. We took a windy and grey walk along the beach towards Sandbanks for about a mile or so before heading back towards the town centre by way of the West Cliff zig zag path. The path took us from beach level to the top of the overlooking cliffs.

With a good walk completed we headed to our favourite coffee shop for some refreshment before taking Ethan to a small anime and manga shop that we had discovered on our previous trips. 

Next we drove over to Molly and Dans place as Ethan had not yet seen where Molly is now living. Molly and Dan were able to give Ethan the grand tour before we headed back to the hotel.

This afternoon we took another walk into the town centre as Ethan had decided that he wanted to buy a few bits he'd seen earlier. We also decided to grab a late lunch at a Greek restaurant as although we have plans for this evening we didn't know what time we would be eating!

With our appetites filled we headed back to the hotel once more for a little chill out time before heading out for the evening. Time for me to apply some make-up and write this blog.

We are heading out to spend New Years Eve with Molly and Dan at Dan's mum's house. We will be ordering a take-away and I have some sparkly wine to take with us to help see in the new year.

I hope that everyone has a safe and fun new year's eve however you choose to spend it and let's hope that the coming year is a better and brighter one. One in which we can put all of this covid nonsense behind us and get back to living life as we once did; free to do what we want, when we want, with whom we want and with no restrictions or draconian measures forced upon us.

I started writing this diary when the 'pandemic' began and I faced my first day at home on March 19th 2020 little could I have imagined I would still be writing this now! It would be lovely to think that in 2022 I could continue to write this just because I wanted to rather than out of a desire to mark this strange world we find ourselves living in. 

We have had moments this year when things started to feel more normal and it would have been easy to forget that there were still restrictions in place. The constant reporting of cases, the shadow of being identified as a close contact, masks and then no masks and then back to masks, vaccinations and now boosters, travel restrictions and expensive tests to get in and out of the country the list goes on. So while we may have been lulled into a sense of almost normality at some points this year we never got our true normality back. We have continued to live with the cloud of coronavirus and all the fear and doom mongering enjoyed by our press and government. What felt like conspiracy theories in the beginning now feel like reality; ever changing messages and rules that only seem to benefit those in power, the extremely wealthy and big pharma while the rest of us cling onto whatever, and whoever, we can to simply keep ourselves sane.

See you all in 2022!


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