Monday, 27 December 2021

Day 650

Day 650...

Today has been another quiet day, a bank holiday here in the UK, as the Monday after a Christmas weekend rolls around.

As we had nothing planned for today it was a very slow and steady start. And after a few days of 'celebrating' it was a chance this morning to catch up on some mundane tasks; laundry and cleaning around.

Over the course of the day we have been catching up with some of our home movie video capture from a while ago. Simon has been taking all of our old home video footage and converting it into digital form so that we have a permanent copy; a copy that will not degrade and is easier to access.

Each time Simon captures the footage we have to watch it back to ensure that the capture has worked correctly and that there are no issues with the sound or playback. Today we have been watching footage from 1997, the year of my first pregnancy!!

While the video played I have been able to get a little more jigsaw completed - it's slow going but it's beginning to take shape now. Simon took time out to have a gym workout session; he is much more motivated than I am! I'm finding myself in a bit of a low ebb at the moment and the desire to do 'anything' is pretty much non-existent.

I've also been doing a little research into electric car charging points as we have a couple of lengthy car journeys coming up and we will need to re-charge the car en-route. There are multiple charging companies out there with chargers of different capacities and they all seem to have different mechanisms of paying. Some need an app while others are just card's all a little confusing and I think may take a bit more investigating to get my head around all the different options. Thankfully we will be travelling on main motorways so finding a charging point shouldn't (in theory) be a problem. 

And there we have today, a very quite day.

See you tomorrow.

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