Thursday, 16 December 2021

Day 638

Day 638...

A Thursday once more and as I have worked a few extra hours already this week I was able to take the morning off work in lieu of those hours, which gave me a full day at home.

With a relaxed start to the day I started to potter about the house determined to get a few bits and pieces done. I'd got laundry that needed doing and so over the course of the morning I managed to get three loads completed. I then wanted to write a few Christmas cards and sort a parcel for posting and this is where things didn't go quite to plan...

I fetched the address book out of a cupboard ready for card writing and found an old notebook that I'd never used and so decided to throw it out...I then looked in the cupboard a little further and noticed a few other bits and bobs. This then resulted in that cupboard getting a good clearout, and clean, which had a knock on effect onto three other cupboards!

By the end of the morning I'd cleaned and re-organised four kitchen cupboards and had at least two black bin bags full of rubbish! Oops!

As lunchtime rolled around Simon and I decided to go out for one of our lunchtime walks; the first time since late November that we'd been home together on a weekday and the weather was suitable for walking out.

But when we were about three quarters of the way through our walk Simon's phone rang and it was my dad; his car had broken down and he needed our help! Once back home I left Simon at home and jumped in my car to see what I could do to help my dad.

Thankfully he had broken down just a few hundred yards from his house. His car had simply lost all power and the onboard systems were saying that the car had a 'low battery'. Now his car is a very snazzy, high end model and is only just over a year old so there is no way that the battery should be failing. I got on the phone to the recovery company and thankfully they were able to get to us in under an hour.

It turned out that my dad had had a similar problem yesterday while at home and he had phoned the same recovery company who had told him that his cover didn't cover any problems at home. But today when I spoke with the same company they told me that was wrong and that he actually does have the correct level of cover for issues happening at home!!

It transpired that there is a potential problem with the fuel sensor which is causing his car to shut down which meant that it needed transporting to the garage for repair. This in turn meant waiting for the tow truck to arrive. Thankfully, the recovery company really looked after us and recognising that my dad lived just a few doors away arranged for the tow truck to call at my dad's house to collect the car keys before towing the car which saved me and my dad from sitting waiting in a cold car.

This then meant I spent the rest of the afternoon at my dad's house waiting for the tow truck company to arrive.We had been told they would be with us by 4.50pm, and then we had a phone call to say it would be by 5.30pm! 

I took the time at my dad's to have a look through some of his Christmas decorations; in previous years he had always decorated the house but the last few years he hadn't bothered. It was always my mum, when she was alive, that was the driving force behind Christmas and she had always decorated the house extensively and it was a rare year when she didn't buy new decorations. It is through my mum that I have a love for all things Christmas and it is this time of year that I feel her presence and miss her a little more.

I managed to find a few boxes and discovered some of her Disney decorations which I have now brought home to add to my own collection;

Wind chime Mickey

There is a missing figure, which we think is probably a Mickey!

I already have these as both mum and I bought them at the same time on a trip to Disneyland Paris

Love that this has the price tag still on...$12!! Wow!
Dad has a number of bigger boxes up in a loft room that I haven't been able to go through yet...I'm not very good with ladders and I was only able to get about half way up to have a look. I'll have a look another day when I have Simon with me!!

We then had a phone call from the tow truck company to let us know that there was no way they would be able to collect my dad's car today and get it to the garage before the garage closed for the day. So instead they are going to collect the car tomorrow morning and take it straight to the garage then.

This all meant that my afternoon just disappeared and I wasn't able to get all the things done today that I wanted to get done. Simon has also had a busy day as he is busy working with his team to get to a point where they can stop for their Christmas break in the next day or so.

So while Simon worked a little later than normal I was able to jump online and sort all the postage for the parcel I need to post, along with the Christmas cards that I had written earlier in the day. 

And that was Thursday! See you tomorrow.

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