Wednesday, 22 December 2021

Day 645

Day 645...

Wednesday and the first day of my seasonal break from pre-school, but there was no chance of a lie in today as we had the big Christmas grocery shop to collect first thing.

So off to Asda we headed to collect the said shopping although their new system of 'click and collect' is leaving something to be desired. The previous system was quick; arrive at the locker, input your order number and get your shopping. Now the shopping is brought out to you from the back of the store and by using their app the shopping should be there waiting for you. But unfortunately the app isn't working properly (and hasn't for weeks), the link in the email confirmation doesn't work and the staff on duty don't really seem that organised! But I suppose it still beats having to go in store and get all the shopping myself!

Although I had forgotten to order a couple of bits so on the way home we stopped by Lidl and came away with more than we went in for! Back home and it was time to unpack the shopping and to discover I was missing two items, one substitute that really wasn't suitable and peppers that were not in a great condition! But I still have a fridge that is bursting at the edges as is the tradition at Christmas!

After a spot of lunch I remembered that I had some updating of learning journal entries for pre-school which took me longer than I really wanted or thought it would.

And while it was still daylight I decided to get my make-up done for going out with my work team later on this evening. Although the overcast and grey day didn't give me as much natural light as I would have liked.

Before getting my glad rags on Simon and I sat down for an hour to watch the final episode of Hawkeye, and we loved it. We have both really enjoyed this series and probably like this the best out of all the Marvel series that have been released this year. I'm hoping that when I get home later this evening our favourite Screen Crush with Ryan Arey on You Tube will have posted his easter eggs and references video for us to watch, as this has become a tradition for us.

Well, I am all dressed up, make-up applied, hair coiffed, handbag organised and shoes (well Dr Martens!) about to go on ready for our works Christmas meal out. Should be a lovely evening in a pub that I haven't been to before, but one that everyone raves about, with a great bunch of girls. I shall report back tomorrow and let you know how it all went.

See you then.

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