Tuesday, 21 December 2021

Day 643

Day 643...

This will be a very quick post today as it is now very late in the day!

But today has been my last day in work before Christmas and I can now say that school is out for the holidays.

We had a very relaxed day at work ending with a Christmas party for the children. I wasn't able to stay for the party as it clashed with my longstanding hair appointment!

But I had a productive day in work getting all that I needed to get done completed before we finished for the term. 

After a quick stop at home I headed back out the door for a couple of hours of chill out time as I had my hair refreshed; keeping it blonde and extra short (which may be advantageous if lockdowns are looming again!).

And that was today and tomorrow will be the first day of my holidays and will start the mad rush towards Christmas!

See you tomorrow.

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