Saturday, 4 December 2021

Day 626

Day 626...

And we are at the weekend.

Our Saturday morning had an early start as the men of the house had a trip to the barbers. There were a few odd jobs around the house that needed doing, but nothing major before I tackled the main task of the day Christmas shopping.

At least it was all done from the warmth and comfort of the house but trying to figure out what to get for everyone gets harder each year. The trouble is we all have everything that we need and so we seem to end up buying just for the sake of buying! But by late afternoon I'd managed to get a good amount done although I think there will still be more to sort but I need some inspiration to hit for that!

The saga with our new electric car continues and as of today we are scheduled to give up our current cars on Monday and have a courtesy car from the garage until we can get the charging point sorted. The ground works should have happened last weekend but the snow put paid to that so we are now waiting for decent weather and the company scheduled to do the work being able to fit us in. It's a complete nightmare but at least we can go down to one car, stop paying for them and concentrate on getting the new one as soon as possible. So today we took ten minutes to go through both cars and remove all our bits and pieces so that on Monday we are all ready to hand them over.

The remainder of the day was spent with Simon working on his latest digital art piece and me working on my jigsaw. We put 'Christmas with the Kranks' on the TV (such a brilliant film) and lost ourselves in the film and our respective tasks. It was nice to be able to switch off and escape from all the madness going on around us at the moment.

I would like to have a rant about the current circumstances; about the restrictions and mandates being imposed around the world but to be honest I don't think I have the energy or the inclination at the moment. I am just sick of the whole thing and fed up of it taking up our lives. I want the normal of 2019 back again, I want our freedoms restored, I want to be able to see who I want, where I want and when I want without papers or injections or masks being needed. We need to accept this thing is here to stay and treat it like we do the flu. But I appreciate that for some people that is heresy to say that, but then again perhaps that's because I look further than the end of my nose and am prepared to take in all opinions not just the ones being forced upon us. Oops looks like I had a little rant after all!

Well I need to switch off for the evening, red wine and chocolate it is. See you tomorrow.

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