Sunday, 5 December 2021

Day 627

Day 627...

Today was a pretty standard and quiet Sunday.

We started off with a trip to collect our weekly grocery shop which meant a moan from me as we had one unavailable item, and seven substitutes.  But when we got home they'd actually substituted the item that was unavailable and messed up with the substitutions!!! Argh! But not to worry as we can survive with what we have been given and refunds have been sent for those items they messed up on.

We then popped out to go visit my dad as we've not seen him for a couple of weeks. He's doing okay but is struggling with his mobility and his ability to withstand doing anything for a length of time. He was referred to cardiology in September last year and still has not heard anything, I fear he is going to a be a statistic of the effects of multiple lockdowns and restrictions. But as a bonus we got to see my brother as he also popped by to see my dad; we've not seen my brother in a fair few months although we do keep in touch.

Back home and while I tackled the ironing Simon was updating his various social media accounts with his latest art piece. 

I then packed away the jigsaw that I'd completed last night...

...I then contacted one of my work colleagues to see if her mum would like the jigsaw as I know she is another jigsaw fan. I thought I would rather pass it on to someone else to get joy from it rather than it taking up space in my loft for goodness knows how many years.

It was then time to break out my next jigsaw and this time I had a box of three to choose from...

One box that opens up to...

...reveal three jigsaws inside.
This is the one I've opted for first...
...I think I may have attempted this one before but I can't remember finishing it. The only problem I have discovered is that it is in portrait format which means it won't fit on my puzzle board width ways. This just means I won't be able to sit on the comfy sofa to complete it, unless I attempt to do it sideways!

Although I have managed to complete the outside already.
The jigsaws are proving to be a nice distraction from the world at large and for a short time I can lose myself and forget the horrors that are going on around us all.

See you tomorrow.

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