Saturday, 18 December 2021

Day 640

Day 640...

And we have arrived at the weekend...the weekend before Christmas!

My day started with a little podcast recording for this week's episode of the Disney Dream Girls. It's been a couple of weeks since Michelle and I have been able to record due to 'life' getting in the way so it was lovely to have a chat about all things Disney.

While I recorded Simon was able to nip out to the post office as we had a parcel and some Christmas cards that needed posting. We then had a few jobs around the house to get done; there were multiple loads of laundry to sort, paperwork to file and Molly's phone contract to update.

We then needed to assess the current Christmas present situation and decide whether what we had already bought was sufficient. I was actually quite pleasantly surprised at what we had, although we did jump online and bought a few more bits this afternoon but I'm pretty happy that we have everyone covered.

Although, I've not really had chance to assess what I have bought for Simon so far, but I think I've done pretty well, but we will see!

I then did a little more online shopping but this time of the grocery variety; I have a collection booked for Wednesday but wanted to update it all today so that on Tuesday I won't have to worry too much about it...hopefully! I am busy co-ordinating what's happening this coming week to make sure we have everything we need for Christmas next weekend.

And by late afternoon it was time to stop and indulge in a little jigsaw time. My current jigsaw is proving to be a little tricky and is taking a bit longer than I would like but at least it gives me something to distract myself from all that's happening in the big bad world.

It is easy to become depressed and lose faith in the world at the moment; rumours of more lockdowns that could be happening, hearing of hospitality businesses that are beset with cancellations, a general feeling of malaise over the current restrictions and the worry that the majority will just simply 'go along' with whatever is asked of them whether it makes any sense or not is all a bit too much some days. But we carry on and try to make the best of what we have because what else can we do?

See you on the morrow.

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