Friday, 3 December 2021

Day 625

Day 625...

The last day of my working week and we have a Friday, and another full day in work for me. That's four full days this week!!

But in work it was a pretty standard Friday; a morning where I work the floor, working directly with the children and then an afternoon of admin, emails and more admin.

Arriving at home I found a parcel waiting for me, a parcel all the way from Gettysburg in the US. Through the Disney Dream Girls podcast family page on Facebook we'd organised a Christmas gift exchange and today my gift had arrived.

Oh....what's inside?

Card with a very cute Santa Grogu sticker!

A candle scented to evoke memories of a Walt Disney World dark ride - Pirates of the Caribbean 

Ah....Disney find these in the resort hotels.

Very cute pin - Stitch collides with Star Wars

Selection of chocolates and treats.
Knowing my love of dark chocolate I was blessed to find some classic dark Lindt chocolate along with some US goodies from Ashers Chocolate Co and Bauers Candies. The 'Modjeska' was a unique discovery...a marshmallow covered in soft caramel...
Wow, very yummy!
With the fun of opening parcels out the way my next job was to figure out Molly's phone contract. She'd had a text today letting her know that the contract is just about up and that she needs to decide on what to do next. Her contract is still in my name as it was taken out a couple of years ago so I jumped online to see if I could figure out what best to do as she doesn't need, or wants, to upgrade her phone. This does mean going forward that whatever she decides to do will be considerably cheaper than at the moment.

I then had some online shopping to do as I'd had a couple of ideas for Christmas gifts, along with updates for my weekly grocery shop.

And there was Friday, the weekend is in front of us so I will see you tomorrow.

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