Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Day 629

Day 629...

And we have a Tuesday and the first day of the working week for me and it has turned out to be a rather busy day.

So I set out for work and got into the courtesy car that the garage had left me with yesterday, and despite it being the same make and model of car that I have just given up it is a newer model and left me a little flummoxed. I couldn't figure out how to get it in reverse...I admitted defeat and asked Simon for help!

So not only is the reverse gear in a different position to the car I've been used to driving it also requires the ring to be raised underneath the gear stick knob which then allows the stick to be moved and reverse to be engaged. With that sorted I set off on my short journey to work...without music. I'd had the sense to pop in my USB stick with my music and had selected the music I wanted to listen to but couldn't figure out where the volume control was - Oh I am such a girl when it comes to cars and techy stuff!! So it was a silent journey to work but when I arrived and had parked up I had the sense to take a couple of minutes to figure out where a few controls were and have now got it figured out...I hope!

The morning in work was pretty standard, lots of admin, lots of banking, catching up with my deputy manager and getting more things prepped for our Christmas activities. We have our Christmas raffle tomorrow and so on the way home at lunchtime I stopped by our local Co-op store who very kindly donated a large box of chocolates and a bottle of Prosecco. Then when I got home I found that our local bus company had sent us some ticket vouchers as well.

But during the early part of the morning my phone started 'pinging' with messages from Simon. Turned out that the company who are fitting our electric car charging point had arrived and had set about digging up our parking area so that the necessary ducting could be laid ready for the cabling. This is great news although totally unexpected which did leave Simon having to run around and let all our neighbours know what was happening as we have a shared parking and garage area.

By the time I arrived home they were making great progress and had most of the trench dug out with the ducting being laid as they went along and then the trench being refilled with ballast. By mid-afternoon they were done and left for the day and said that someone would be round to lay the cable and do the electrics and complete the groundworks with fresh tarmac.

I then nipped out to our local post office as I had a parcel to collect; a hotel chocolat parcel no less! It had my high cocoa curated 'subscribe and save' collection plus a few other bits and pieces that I'd ordered as Christmas presents and stocking fillers.

In between all of that I'd been doing a few bits online. I'd had a few work related bits that I wanted to just go over and get completed but I'd also had a late delivery to chase. We were expecting a delivery from Yodel today and because it had been ordered through Amazon we'd received a message saying that the delivery had been delayed. So we went online and followed the tracking information and discovered that the parcel had arrived with Yodel at their 'national hub' on the 1st December but that 'the weather is not on our side today and we're experiencing a delay' . Okay so the weather had been rather wintry on the 28th November and since then it has been cold, it has been wet and windy but nothing that has stopped other couriers getting to us on time, so we weren't sure why the weather would be causing Yodel a problem. And it seemed strange that it was still held at their national hub, with no attempt to get it to a local depot.

I jumped online for a 'chat' and eventually got through to an online operator who basically told me what I'd already been able to find out for myself!! I questioned it further and was basically told they were still playing 'catch-up' from the previous bad weather and all I could do was to keep checking online! Really?! Well that was no help and rather inconvenient...I have tweeted Yodel but as yet no-one has deemed me a response. I wonder how long this will take to resolve?!

And there I was sat at the laptop when I became aware of some noise outside but being engrossed in what I was doing I didn't pay it too much attention, plus we'd had a couple of helicopters fly over and so I just dismissed it as noise from them. I then happened to look out the window and saw lights on...and then I spotted a chap in a hi-viz vest...so at that point I decided to investigate. I found a couple of chaps  laying tarmac to finish off the trench that had been dug earlier today. I was slightly astounded as I'd presumed they would be here at 'some point' later this week, and not this afternoon working in the dark! Fingers crossed when I get to see it in daylight tomorrow it looks good!

And there we have a busier than usual Tuesday. See you tomorrow.

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