Sunday, 21 February 2021


Day 340...

Well another Sunday has been upon us, another day with not very much to do and one where I find myself feeling rather 'meh'...I know that's not the most descriptive word but I really can't think of anything better.

So the day started with a few little jobs that needed to be done. First there was the final update to my online grocery shop. 

Next there was my work laptop to sort out; it had been rather temperamental of late and some days it would be fine and others it would struggle to even just open. So I'd brought it home to ensure that it was running the right software and get rid of anything that had managed to work its way on there that I didn't really need. Suffice to say by the end of yesterday, after trying everything we could think of, the only thing left to do was a factory reset...which was still running as we went to bed last!

Thankfully by this morning it had done whatever it needed to do and after going through its system set-up, disabling what I didn't need, re-setting passwords and a final check on the hard disk all seems to be operating okay. I think only time will tell how long this lasts for.

But with the laptop working we could complete the next job of the day which was to take it and a few other bits into pre-school ready for re-opening tomorrow. As I don't work Mondays I needed to make sure I'd gotten these bits and pieces there ready for my team.

When we returned home we put on our wellies and headed out for a muddy and squelchy walk over the fields. We only managed a couple of miles today although it felt like more as we trudged through the mud!

Simon spent some time sanding and then priming some of the leg parts of his R2D2 build. He has been waiting for the weather to be a little warmer as this is an outside job. The past few weeks had been so cold with temperatures hovering around zero degrees Celsius he just hadn't wanted to be outside doing what can be quite a long job. But today he made more progress and while there are still more parts to go it is definitely getting closer to being complete.

I jumped online this evening for our weekly Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz and it was lovely, as always, to catch up with everyone and find out what life is like around the world. We have people join us from the UK, US, Canada and Germany and these are now our regulars and our friends. This week we had questions about the movie Onward and some about Epcot...I did pretty good on the movie questions and not so good on the Epcot ones but I still managed to win. So I now get to set next weeks questions and as we like having a movie to 'research' I decided to pick something a little less obvious, and one I've not watched in forever - Brother Bear.

So, we have reached the end of another Sunday and await to see what our government tell us tomorrow. We have been promised that they will be in a position to let us know if, how and when the current lockdown will be eased. As cases are dropping, deaths are dropping and vaccinations are rolling out we can only hope for some positive news tomorrow but I fear that it is going to be a long and drawn out affair.

Take care and see you tomorrow.

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