Friday, 19 February 2021

Friday Again

Day 338...

And we have reached another Friday.

Having not been able to record our podcast yesterday Michelle and I jumped online to get this weeks episode of the Disney Dream Girls recorded. We chatted about some Disney history, some news items along with a report from one of our listeners who had just visited Walt Disney World.

Visiting Walt Disney World is possible at the moment as it has been open since June/July last year but with some obvious restrictions. Both Michelle and I would love to be able to visit especially as of the 1st October this year Walt Disney World turns 50 years old and has lots of special things happening to mark the occasion. But both Michelle and I agree that visiting anytime soon is probably not going to happen and as and when we are able to get there things may be quite different to our normal experience. The question therefore has to be whether a visit would be worth while, whether it would be worth the expense and whether it would give us the same joy and excitement that visits have done before. Measures that are now in place such as plexi-glass, face coverings, social distancing, reduced attractions, lack of character meet and greets, reduced dining and shopping possibilities all add up to a very different Disney vacation.

I then decided to have a look through some of my recipe books in search of new recipes with a view to updating my weekly shopping list. My search was interrupted when we popped out for our lunchtime walk which was a little windy today but we still managed another two and a half miles in 48 minutes.

My afternoon was a mixture of more recipe research, chatting with Molly and watching a little television. Molly's boyfriends car is a little poorly at the moment so despite being 190 miles away from her I was trying to help them out with a little research and advise. As a mum I want to be able to just 'sort' any issues that arise for either of my children never mind how old they might be and it is a little tricky to do that with so many miles between us. And all I want to do is just make everything right for her! But I think they have it under control and plans to get the car sorted are now in place...I can't take credit for any of that but even if I'm just someone to vent to or chat with I can only hope that that will help in some way.

Later this afternoon I finally managed to start season three of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel. I had watched the first two seasons back to back ages ago but had struggled to find the time to catch the third season. I am not very good at finding time to do what I want to do...I always seem to find something else that needs doing rather than just taking the time for me. So I am quite proud of myself when I do manage to do this.

And Friday would not be Friday at the moment without the latest episode of WandaVision. And although it wasn't an hour long as had been rumoured via the internet it was another very good episode and even included the classic Marvel hidden scene within the end credits!!

And there we have another Friday ticked off...

Take care out there.

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