Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Middle of the Week

Day 336...

Another Wednesday had rolled around and it was another quiet day.

And it was also a sad day today as it marked the funeral for one of our Disney family. Through the podcast that I help co-host we have created our own 'family' page over on Facebook and from there we have developed our weekly Zoom quiz. 

And as a result of those quizzes we now have a little gang of us from all over that meet each Sunday to chat and test our Disney knowledge. Part of our group was Paul & Donald from the US and when Donald took ill a few weeks ago we were all very concerned and had hoped that he would make a speedy recovery but it was not to be and he sadly passed away. 

Wanting to do something for Paul to show how much we care we debated sending flowers or perhaps even getting a gift card for their local restaurant but Paul simply asked that if we wanted we could make a donation to the American Cancer Society and that the next time we were in a Disney park to have a Dole Whip in Donald's memory.

Michelle then had the idea that today we would all share photos of us enjoying a Dole Whip on a Facebook post to show Paul that we were thinking of him today.

Disneyland Paris - June 2017
RIP Donald xx

At lunchtime today I met up with my work team for a spot of in normal times we would have been dining out somewhere nice but as that could not happen we decided to meet up at work and order a take-out from a local cafe. It was nice to spend a couple of hours with my 'team' as friends and just catch up, have a chat and something to eat.

Once home I had a few little jobs that I wanted to get done which did involve a little pre-school work. But it was nothing to onerous, just a little updating to be done. Although I also have a laptop to update and that might take a little more effort as I think it's probably overdue a bit of a clearout...I'm hoping that the two men in the house who work with computers for a living might be able to give me a helping hand!!

And then it was time for a quick 'gym' workout to round out the day.

Wherever you may be, take care and tell those around you how you feel.

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