Saturday, 27 February 2021

Sunny Saturday

Day 346...

Well this Saturday we were up and about with purpose for a change! 

We had the job of collecting some donations for pre-school from our local Asda. Jon, their Community Champion, really looks after us at pre-school and always helps out as much as he can. Jon would love to be coming out to visit the children but until that time comes around again he helps out with whatever supplies we need. Today it was a trolley full of different fruits ready for our story time activity next week; acting out the story called Handa's Surprise which involves different types of fruits, some of which children may not have been introduced to yet.

After dropping all the goodies off at pre-school we arrived home and immediately went out again. This time it was our usual Saturday morning walk into the next village for coffee...and a cake to bring home for Ethan. Another 4 miles walked, taking our February total to 58!!

We then sat outside in the garden, in the sunshine with another coffee...maybe two! It was lovely to be sat outside in the warmth of the sun and just take a short while to chill out, and soak up that all important vitamin D!

Simon has done a little more work on his R2D2 build and made some enquiries into getting one of his latest art pieces printed so that he can sell them as a limited edition print. Always a tricky one to make sure that the final artwork prints out at the right colour saturation so he spent some time tweaking and playing around with levels of colour.

My job for the afternoon was to sit and watch the Disney film Brother Bear so that I could come up with some questions ready for tomorrow's Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz via Zoom! It is a long while since I have watched the film and while it was a nice little film I don't think it's one I'm going to be rushing to watch again anytime soon.

Well, Simon has rounded out the day with a little gym workout while I write this blog and do a little menu prep for the week ahead...trying to be organised! With the amount of time on my hands at the moment it's the least I can do. And then we will be sitting down to our usual Saturday night viewing of RuPauls Drag Race!

Hope you've had as best a Saturday as you can, take care.

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