Monday, 8 February 2021

Monday, Monday

Day 327...

Another Monday has rolled around and this one started a little snowy...just a light covering.

We braved the cold to fetch our weekly grocery shopping and while there I nipped in store to see Jon their Community Champion.  Once again Jon has very kindly supported preschool and this week he has provided us with some yummy Chinese foods to try as we are celebrating Chinese New Year.

So we had a quick diversion on the way home as we stopped by preschool to drop off the aforementioned goodies!

After we had put the shopping away we decided to take a walk out in the snow. All day it has snowed on and off but it has never really amounted to anything. But we had a decent walk managing just over four miles in about an hour and twenty minutes.

The afternoon has been very quiet. Simon decided to sort through our stack of old home movies and set the process going of capturing the old video to convert into a digital format. He started I think with old skool Video 8 tape from 1997 when I found out I was pregnant with our first child! I took sometime to catch up with a little home admin and laundry before settling down to read some more of my latest book, 'The Case for Keto'. Absolutely fascinating to read the history behind the approach to diet, weight and obesity and how the old mantra of eat less and move more was never going to work.

And there we have another Monday, take care out there.

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