Sunday, 7 February 2021

Chilly Sunday

Day 326...

Sunday is upon us once again, and once again it has been a slow and uneventful day.

We were in no rush to be up and about this morning so it was a late breakfast followed by a short walk out.

It was very chilly, rather windy and was even trying to snow but we were not deterred and thought we would try one of our more rural routes. However, to say all the fields around us were rather wet and muddy would be an understatement and although we were in our wellies and ready for the conditions ahead we opted to stick to the drier paths. I think it was spotting a fellow walker covered in mud from his chest down that said to us it wasn't worth the hassle!

The afternoon was spent with Simon making the final adjustments to his latest art commission while I did a little online grocery shopping and some more reading of my latest book; 'The Case for Keto'.

The afternoon was rounded out with our usual Sunday Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I co-host, the Disney Dream Girls. We had a round of questions set by Kacy in Germany all about Moana and then Michelle had a miscellaneous bunch of Disney questions and I scored 22.25 points which I was rather proud of and meant I came in second!

And there we have another Sunday done.

Take care out there.

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