Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Tuesday, once more

Day 342...

Today was my first day back in work after the half term break last week and it was a pretty steady sort of day.

The day was a mixture of updating forms, issuing emails, sorting bank payments and just generally getting on top of things ready for the new term ahead.

With the government announcing that schools can re-open in a couple of weeks we are hopeful that those children who had chosen not to attend during lockdown will now be able to do so. And as the world begins to take steps to looking a little more normal then perhaps parents thoughts will turn to their childcare requirements and we will start to see some interest from new families. This academic year has been quieter than normal but I think it was only to be expected under the circumstances so fingers crossed we begin to see some normality returning.

After I arrived home I took ten minutes to stop and enjoy a coffee before carrying on with some more pre-school work. I'd been on a bit of a roll getting things done so just wanted to get all the loose ends tied up and jobs finished so that I can start afresh tomorrow.

Simon had a late finish to his work day as well, so it was truly a full on work day for both us, before stopping to cook dinner (keto chicken parmesan with butter fried green beans) and finally putting our feet up.

Whatever your day has been like, take care out there.

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