Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Icy Wednesday

Day 329...

Well today was a day that was mostly taken up with being in work.

It was a usual work day with the usual sort of admin tasks. We are winding down for this half term so a lot of my work this week is a combination of finishing things for this term and prepping things for the coming term.

I had a new parent to show around pre-school but as we are not allowing visitors in while we are open I needed to arrange an appointment at the end of the day after the children had gone home. This meant my working day got extended meaning I was about an hour later than normal getting home.

Another cold and wintery day had seen snow on the ground this morning and an afternoon flurry had seen a little more gather over areas that had started to thaw earlier. When I arrived home most of the early morning snow was still around and as I walked down the sloping steps towards my front door I felt my right foot go out from under me...thankfully I stayed upright and the low wall next to me gave me something to hold onto. A little light snow over ice causing a lot of trouble and a slightly jarred back!

I tried a new recipe tonight for dinner, a keto cheeseburger meatloaf; basically a meatloaf covered in bacon and with cheese running through the centre of it. And it was rather nice, which considering it was the first time I've ever made a meatloaf , was pretty good going. I also made a rather tasty BBQ mayo to go with it...who said eating keto was hard?!!

Simon has, over the course of the day, been capturing old video 8 home movie tapes and converting them into a digital format and has worked his way through the year I fell pregnant with our eldest. I now have the job to watch through the new digital version to make sure that everything has copied over correctly so I better stop typing and get watching!

Take care.

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