Monday, 15 February 2021

A Very Quiet Monday

Day 334...

So Monday has rolled around once more and this week it's the start of my half term break week. The UK school term system means that our terms are split in half and we have about 6 weeks teaching either side of a week off.

But first job this morning was, as it always is, a trip to collect our weekly grocery shop.

After packing everything away we put on our wellies and headed off for a wander over the fields. We had spotted a footpath yesterday that we hadn't tried before so decided to go off on a bit of an explore! Well an hour and 55 minutes later we were home and had walked for 5.74 miles...our new longest walk!

And we arrived home just in time for lunch! The rest of the afternoon was very quiet and very chilled out. We watched a couple of things via the internet, sorted some washing and had a quick clean around. We indulged in another piece of the low carb brownie I'd bought as a Valentines treat and then later on Simon decided to pop down the 'gym'. My legs were killing from the walking these past couple of days so I decided to give the gym a miss tonight and instead spent some time chatting with Molly via WhatsApp!

This is the longest that Molly has been away from home as she decided to spend this lockdown with her boyfriend...190 miles away. I am so proud of her for making that decision and proud of them both for  getting on with life as best they can. This may end up being a test of their relationship and perhaps has thrown them into a situation that neither of them had envisioned would be happening just yet. But if they can survive through this current lockdown along with the previous twelve months who knows where they will be, but they will at least come out of it knowing more about themselves and each other and hopefully be stronger for it. My youngest is all grown up and although I miss her immensely all I ever want is for her to be happy...I just wish we could be having weekends away to visit them and enjoy the seaside with them.

But wherever you maybe just take care.

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