Saturday, 20 February 2021

Another Steady Saturday

Day 339...

And we have another Saturday in lockdown. After a disturbed nights sleep...the joys of night was a later than normal start to the morning.

After breakfast we got on our walking shoes (okay wellies) and set off into the next village to pay a visit to our now preferred coffee shop, the delightful Hoggs Bistro. While Simon and I stuck to our usual Americano we did pick up a chocolate muffin for Ethan...we really must try and get Ethan out the house!!

Queuing for coffee
By the time we'd walked back home it meant we'd walked just over three and a half miles...for coffee! Who would have thought a year ago that the highlight of our Saturday would be taking a three and a half mile walk to buy a the wind and light rain!

Once home I had the lovely job of updating the online grocery shopping while Simon made more progress, and in fact completed, his latest art endeavour, pop over to his Twitter account to see the finished piece.

My Disney quiz research this week was watching the Pixar movie Onward which I managed to do this afternoon. A gentle film that probably hasn't done as well as it deserved as it was released this time last year just as the world started to go into lockdown. But as you would expect from Pixar it was a film with heart, a good story, emotion and yes I will confess to welling up a couple of times!

Simon decided to use the afternoon to squeeze in a 'gym' workout and made use of his VR headset for his warm up by downloading a couple of games;one a boxing exercise based game and the other a dance game.

So we have another Saturday in lockdown and I wonder how many more we are going to have to endure. We await an announcement from our government in a couple of days time when we will, hopefully, be told a 'plan' for getting out of lockdown. But if the media have anything to do with it it doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon.

I cast my mind back to this time last year. We had just had a busy time moving pre-school out of one building into another and in the background were rumblings about the virus that had caused China to adopt a draconian lockdown and that was now showing up in northern Italy.

And I remember the World Health Organisation, and our government, telling us that masks do nothing to prevent the spread of the disease and may only be beneficial to those who are infected. They told us that lockdowns do not work and should only be used in extreme circumstances when health systems are showing signs of being unable to cope....Oh my how times have changed.

In fact the information about face masks and lockdowns were in the pandemic response guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation in what on earth changed? Countries, like Sweden, who followed those guidelines have fared no worse than countries who decided to adopt masks and lockdowns in respect of cases and deaths...they have of course not crippled their economies and their education systems and the livelihoods of individuals and the mental health of their nations and the abuse and the distress and I could go on. So just who did tackle this pandemic the best? Will we ever find out? Why did we decide to ignore the advice of the World Health Organisation that had been there for years and years before? 

Are we in so far that governments dare not back away from a strategy that may be flawed? Are there 'players' in all of this that are set to benefit from a situation that is causing the masses such distress?

I don't know, and it's not my job to know, there are scientists and politicians out there who should know and who should be questioning and asking for evidence but sadly that all seems very lacking at the moment. I try to keep myself up to date with all that is happening arming myself with a wealth of opinions and science so that I can feel as best informed as I can be, so is it too much to ask for those that have the power or the sway to do the same? Where has the questioning from the media gone? Do we not have journalists who are willing to look deeper and investigate anymore?

There are no answers that I can provide, I can simply watch and wait to see how all this pans out and long for a life once had where we had the freedom to go where we wanted, when we wanted and with whom we wanted.

Take care.


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