Saturday, 6 February 2021

Wet Saturday

Day 325...

So another slow and steady Saturday has rolled around again.

There really was not much planned for surprise after a late breakfast we headed out for a walk and headed in the direction of our now local coffee shop in the next village.

On the way we bumped into a couple of friends and stopped to have a chat...20 minutes later we were back on our way in search of coffee. By the time we arrived at the coffee shop it had just started to rain...not heavy just a light drizzle.

By the time we were heading home the rain decided to get a little more persistent and suffice to say by the time we got home we were absolutely soaked through. So much so that we had to have a complete change of clothes and as I write this about 5 hours after we arrived home our coats are still drying out. But we still managed just over three and a half miles.

Suffice to say once home and in fresh clothes it was time for another coffee to help warm us up.

This afternoon was spent with me watching the Disney film Moana and Simon finishing off his latest art commission piece. The choice of film was because part of the Disney quiz that we have each Sunday will be about Moana. Now, it is a fair while since I last watched it but I have to say I loved it, I had forgotten what a beautiful and heart warming film it is. And then remembering that the songs were written by Lin Manuel Miranda who was behind the musical Hamilton, which I fell in love with last year, just made me love Moana even more.

And then as a bit of a treat we decided to have take-out tonight, and we let Ethan have the choice of food...his choice - Chinese. Now, this would not be my first choice as it's a tad too 'carby' for my liking but I managed to find a steak in black pepper sauce and then allowed myself a treat of a few prawn crackers and a little sesame prawn toast.

Well that was the day and it will be rounded out with a glass of red wine and RuPaul's Drag Race.

Take care out there.

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