Monday, 22 February 2021

What's Happening with Lockdown??

Day 341...

Well Monday started out pretty much as most Mondays do with a trip to our supermarket of choice to pick up our weekly grocery shopping.

After we had returned home and packed everything away we went to see my Dad and play taxi service for him. He had a bump in his car the other week and is now without a car while it gets repaired. Today he needed to get to the bank so we were able to take him and while he sorted his banking out we nipped and bought us all coffee.

We took my Dad home and enjoyed the coffee with him and spent a half hour or so with him just to catch-up and make sure he was getting on okay. He has lived on his own since Mum passed away 6 years ago and this past year has been really hard for him as he has been unable to see his friends down the pub or at the gym and so has become even more isolated. 

Once home again Simon did a little more work on his R2D2 build, filling gaps before getting ready to do yet more sanding. After a spot of lunch we took a walk out in relatively mild weather - no scarf, hat or gloves today! We managed 4.5 miles in just an hour and 24 minutes, taking our total miles walked for February to 52!!

Then, as the afternoon was so nice, we were able to sit outside in the garden with a coffee for the first time this year. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it felt like a Spring day; long may it continue.

Simon decided to do a little gym session later this afternoon while I did some meal planning for the week while keeping one eye on social media as news began to break of our governments 'roadmap for lifting lockdown'.

Basically, we will have schools re-open in a couple of weeks and by 29th March we will start to see a few more restrictions easing of which the most important being that Molly will be able to travel home. But we will have to wait until April 12th before we can go and get our haircut, nails done, get tattooed or get some retail therapy. It will be May 17th before two households can mix indoors and we see things like hotels opening and foreign travel being allowed. We then have the tantilising target date of 21st June for the lifting of all 'legal limits on social contact' (whatever that means?!). But this is all delivered with a heavy lean on if's, but's and maybe's so only time will tell if it all pans out as planned.

But at least I can look forward to going blonde sometime in April and maybe even getting that tattoo I should have gotten last Easter!!

Well the day ended with a first...making low carb moussaka and I was very pleased with the results...
...very yummy, very filling and enough left over for lunch tomorrow - win!

So we end the day with at least a plan in place for getting us out of this lockdown and a semblance of normal life can be seen, somewhere in the far distance. But between now and then please stay safe.

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