Thursday, 18 February 2021

Quiet Thursday

Day 337...

Well another quiet Thursday today.

There wasn't an awful lot happening today. My first job was to do a little podcast research; gather some Disney history facts and have a look at what's currently happening in the world of Disney.

Then it was time to iron and get on top of the laundry - whoop! 

Lunchtime rolled around and Simon and I took a walk out and completed one of our shorter walks of just under two and a half miles in 46 minutes. So far this month we have walked 39 miles!

Then I had a proper lazy afternoon catching up on some TV shows. I had hoped to record the podcast with Michelle but unfortunately some errands that Michelle need to run took longer than expected so we will now be hooking up tomorrow to record instead.

And that has been my day...very quiet.

Take care out there.

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