Saturday, 13 February 2021

Scotch Egg Saturday

Day 332...

Well here we are again on another Saturday and it was as action packed as it ever is at the moment.

A slow start to the day saw us wrap up warm and head out for our now usual walk into the next village and what is fast becoming our 'local' coffee shop. And today along with our usual coffee's we decided to treat ourselves and brought back home a triple chocolate muffin for Ethan and some pork and black pudding flavoured scotch eggs for Simon and I...which were amazing.

The afternoon saw Simon capturing yet more home video while starting his latest art piece. He has decided to do a drawing from a game that he worked on a number of years ago called Shadowman. He had been approached by a fan asking about artwork and so he has decided to produce a custom piece that he will then get printed and can sell via his website.

I spent a chunk of my afternoon finishing off some of my work from yesterday; unfortunately the knock-on effect of a temperamental laptop yesterday morning meant I had lost half a days work. So I decided to get caught up this afternoon, I will still have a little more work to complete but I will sort that next week.

And that was Saturday...again...take care out there.

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