Thursday, 4 February 2021


Day 323...

And another Thursday has rolled around and another of my non-working days.

My first task this morning was to complete a little research ready for podcast recording later on this afternoon. This involved looking up some Disney history facts as well as scouring the latest Disney news for any interesting stories.

Next job was to take delivery of my latest butchers order which was quite a big delivery today. This always means having to go through it all and split it into appropriate portion sizes which then go in the freezer. Always a job that seems to take way longer than it should.

This afternoon we had someone visit to provide us with a quote for some new windows. Unfortunately we have a couple that are showing some wear and tear and really need to be replaced and we are debating whether to just get those updated or whether we get all the windows done together. I think it will all come down to the cost so I await their email!

My afternoon was rounded out by chatting with my good friend and podcast co-host Michelle as we recorded a show to be released this upcoming weekend. We spent some time just catching up before we recorded and we both agreed that the distraction of recording and the sillyness that ensued was very much needed and enjoyed.

The effects of this never ending 'lockdown' are different for all of us. Some may feel it more than others but I think a good deal of us are probably surprised by the extent to which it is effecting us and that it can catch us all off guard and at the most unexpected moments.

But we have to remember that however it is effecting us, that's okay. We will all be going through something different and that will probably change from day to day and maybe even hour to hour. All we can do is be there for those that we care about when they need us, offer that virtual hug, offer an ear, reach out and check-in and simply say 'Hi'.

The interminable routine, the lack of anything different to do or places to go is, to say the least, draining. We made the analogy a few weeks ago of comparing lockdown to being trapped in a never ending Sunday afternoon from the 1970's; when there was nothing to watch on the TV, no shops were open and there was nothing special to do. It was something we endured knowing there was better ahead and that's what we are trying to do now...but unfortunately the endurance is wearing thin and we are struggling to see when the better times will happen.

And while Simon went down 'the gym' this evening I started a blog piece for the Disney Dream Girls as well as writing my own post for today. Oh and cooking dinner...keto chicken philly cheesesteak casserole - yummy!

Take care and stay strong wherever you may be.

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