Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Day 803

Day 803...

We decided on a different approach to our day today...we have decided to try intermittent fasting by simply delaying our breakfast till lunchtime.

And as part of that we decided to get out bright and early for a walk and we completed 2.5 miles in 45 minutes. We were out and walking by just gone 8am and although it was a little damp it didn't deter us and according to my fitness tracker we walked at a faster pace than our normal lunchtime walks and had 41 minutes of fat burning exercise - that'll do nicely.

On our return I decided to get back into doing some of the body-weight exercises that I used to do when I initially went low carb eight years ago. So this morning I reintroduced my body to planks! It was a little tough going and I think it will take me a few days to get back into the swing of things but I still managed a full plank and two side planks. I just want to up my times and re-introduce a few more movements, but I've made a start and that's the most important thing - onwards and upwards.

After a quick shower I headed out the door and paid our local Lidl a visit as we needed a few bits and bobs. The advantage of going on a Tuesday morning was that I was probably the youngest shopper in there!!

With the shopping all put away I did a little online shopping. Having dug out the cosplay at the weekend I realised I was short of a couple of pieces of make-up. I needed an eyebrow pencil and some face powder and I thought the easiest, and probably cheapest way, was to buy online thanks to good old Amazon.

I also spent a little time looking for leggings for my workouts; who knew there could be so many styles...so many in fact that I haven't been able to make my mind up yet!

So as lunch rolled around Simon and I had our usual cooked breakfast and it was lovely and so much more relaxed having it at lunchtime rather than in a rush on a morning. And neither of us had felt hungry so I think going forward this will be our new approach to the day.

The afternoon was spent at my dads house as I wanted to go through and catalogue all of my mums ornaments and collectibles. She had over the years collected quite a few things and they are simply too good to donate and I am sure there are collectors out there who would love some of the pieces we have and it would be great to think they could all go to homes where they will be fully appreciated. But before that can I happen I need to figure out what we actually have; so lots of photos taken and uploaded to my laptop so that I can now start the process of collating and categorising!

And that was my Tuesday, see you tomorrow.

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